Reasons Not to Ignore Roof Leaks

All roofs over time will fail if not replaced before their time is up. If this happen, it often results in a roof leak. There are only two options you have as a homeowner when this happens: ignore the leak or get it fixed. At Atlas Restoration, we know it’s tempting to leave it alone and hope that it just goes away, but that is not the solution we recommend. Not only will a leak, never repair itself or “go … Read More

What to look for when buying a home.

When looking to buy a new home, it’s important to remember that there are many big ticket items that could come back to bite you after purchasing. These major things include a roof, windows, and HVAC systems. But how do you know if the roof is in good condition? Here are some helpful tips and things to look for when seeing homes for the first time.


If the previous homeowner was smart, they replaced their roof with CertainTeed brand … Read More