Hail Damage, Insurance Claims And Why You’ve Most Likely Been Shorted

Storm Damage and Insurance

“Everything’s bigger in Texas.” While this famous saying represents the positives people feel about life in Texas, it aptly describes the Lone Star State’s hailstorms as well. As we approach one year since Mother Nature ravaged Texas with golf ball to softball sized hailstones in March and April, homeowners scramble to finalize insurance claims and prepare for this year’s upcoming violent thunderstorms.


What Does Hailstorm Damage Look Like?

A crucial thing to understand about hail damage is that it is not always apparent and will manifest in different ways depending on what type of roof material is present. Left undiscovered and unmitigated, damage from hail will lead to more extensive and costlier repairs, such as rupturing of the reinforcing mat or loss of granules, which will both compromise the entire roofing structure. It is always important to have a professional inspect your roof if you suspect damage following a storm.


Have you filed your insurance claim?

To Ensure all of the damage to your home gets repaired homeowners should file an insurance claim to report hail damage. Dallas-Fort Worth area residents are still able to submit their claims for last year’s hailstorms, but the window is rapidly closing. Whether or not you have filed your initial claim, it is in your best interest to consult with a company specializing in hail damage and the insurance claims process to ensure you will receive the maximum compensation for your property damage. If you have yet to file your claim, guarantee it’s done diligently the first time by contracting a team who specializes in this work. Keep in mind, not all insurance adjusters will account for all damage. On the other hand, if you’ve already filed your claim, it’s not too late! More than 1,000 insurance workers were brought to Texas from other cities during Spring 2017 due to the extremely high volume of insurance claims filed. Overworked adjusters may not identify a comprehensive measure of the damage to your property, while a professional company can be more thorough. Are you ready for the next storm season?

While many homeowners are still reeling from last years extreme weather, it’d certainly time now to safeguard your home and property from this year’s storms which are due to hit in a few weeks. Take necessary steps and be proactive. Schedule a roof inspection today and feel confident that your home is ready to endure the next season of hailstorms.


Bringing Your Home Back To Pre-storm Conditions

Atlas Restoration maintains a 24-hour Dallas-Fort Worth emergency response team. We are committed to providing you whatever you need during or following a storm. When you call our 24/7 Hotline, we will bring you necessary supplies, get you settled in, as well as take care of your insurance claim and the repairs to your home. Consider using our knowledgeable team as your trusted resource for storm preparation, crises during storms, and storm-based repairs. We are here and ready to get you and your family home and back to your lives as quickly as possible.


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